About Me

I'm getting back into writing and recording my own music.

After nearly twenty years of putting my own music on the back burner, a recent online reunion with bandmembers of the past has sparked my interest again.

We started a band called Spectrum in our early highschool years. We transitioned from basement band to gigs, and had a blast jamming together.

First things first.

Right now I'm planning for all the studio gear I'll need. Putting together a home digital recording studio is now easier than ever, but it still involves careful research and planning.

You can watch my studio as it develops, and also check out all the research I've done.


Then what?

Yes, I do have some future plans of what to do once my digital studio is complete. You can listen to music and see some photos of all this as it evolves.


Who made this mess?

If you're interested in my musical background and what other interests have distracted me from music for twenty years, you can check out a short autobiographical summary.

I now have a blog about all this, and a band page at Soundclick.

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