About Me


While my main reason for returning to writing and recording music is for sheer enjoyment, I do have some general ideas of what I want to do.


Solo Projects

I don't even know what my style of music will be after so many years. My musical interests have changed quite a bit, but I see it more as an evolving synthesis. I still love the old classic rock songs we used to play and listen to. And I've acquired many new musical interests over the years. Until I get that electric guitar back in my hands and start playing around again, I won't know what my creative energies will produce. While I may play around with some covers to get used to the new equipment and get my chops back, I do plan on all-original compositions in the long term.


Virtual Bands

I wonder how many virtual bands exist out there. I think it would be a blast to experiment with the idea of writing and/or recording with my old friends using the Internet as a tool to allow us possibilities we'd never have dreamed of twenty years ago. Everyone seems interested, but it will take time to get the technical details worked out.


Digital Video

One of my other passions is digital video. Composing and recording full movie soundtracks is something I've always wanted to get into. This digital recording studio is the first step in that direction.

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